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3 Common Marketing Problems—and our Solutions

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Marketing can be challenging. It’s worth it, sure, and every business needs a marketing program, but there are frequent challenges that pop up that have to be overcome.

At DMS, we’ve become proficient at identifying common marketing problems marketers have across the nation and coming up with creative solutions for them. Some of these problems are unique to certain types of businesses, but they all involve finding ways to protect your brand while getting past issues that often rear their head – allowing you to market with efficiency.

Here are three common marketing problems and our solutions to them.

Marketing with a Team of Reps in the Field

One problem we’ve seen quite often involves businesses with large teams of sales representatives and agents in the field.

This can be problematic because each rep needs sales materials and collateral. But, this collateral often has to be updated in order to make it appropriate for each potential customer. Managing all of these changes can be very challenging for an organization, especially one without some central way to control and manage all of these reps.

A marketing asset management system is one way to solve this dilemma. You can monitor collateral use by each rep and have a central online platform by which reps can ask for changes and edits. Your team can make and approve these edits so that the material is available for download by the field rep.

This ensures a smooth and efficient communication process for all involved.

Creating New Content on a Regular Basis

Your sales collateral needs frequent updating to make sure it is fresh and relevant.

But how do you update collateral and make sure all of your reps and locations have what they need to get the job done?

If you make a change to an existing piece, how sure can you be that the updated piece will get to where it needs to go? How will you communicate that change? Multiply this by numerous changes over a set period of time and you can see how it can snowball out of control.

This is another area in which a marketing asset management system can help – by giving you a place to upload and store new marketing material and instantly send it out to everyone who needs it. The more you make changes or create new material, the more you can benefit from this system.

Dealing with Brand Inconsistency

Another common challenge involves keeping the brand consistent across all end users, which doesn’t just include your customers but also includes your team.

The more widespread your team is, the more difficult this is to achieve. You need your brand to be solidly consistent. Everything from how it looks to what it represents and what message it sends needs to be consistent. It needs to be the same. But doing this with a large organization (and even a small organization if the business is geographically separated) is challenging.

A marketing asset management system can solve this problem by offering a way to be accountable for every aspect of the brand. You can monitor and keep track of every letter, sales piece, logo, graphic, and anything else that makes up your brand’s identity. Nothing will fall through the cracks with a comprehensive online system.

Using a Marketing Asset Management System

A marketing asset management system is a boon to organizations who encounter these marketing challenges and need to know how to overcome them. It is flexible, centrally-located, and powerful enough to keep everything organized. Plus, it’s supremely convenient to use for everyone, since it’s online.

Contact DMS for more information on our proprietary marketing asset management system, DigiFLO, and solve these problems for good.


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