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3 Reasons You Need Marketing Asset Management | DigiFLO


DigiFLO is marketing asset management system (MAMS) that manages your sales collateral and advertising materials (brochures, business cards, folders, flyers, posters, etc.) in order to alleviate pain points and ensure brand consistency. DigiFLO is ideal for businesses with multiple locations and large, diverse sales forces.

Do you depend on a ready supply of marketing and promotional material to sustain your sales and educate your customers? Do you want a better, more efficient way of managing this material to ensure that the right people have the right collateral at the right time?

If so, marketing asset management is something your business likely needs. Here are three main reasons why you need a MAMS for your organization.

Marketing Asset Management Ensures Brand Consistency

If your business has multiple locations, then you already know the importance of having the same “look” of all of your marketing materials for each sales representative and location. Your brand is important and ensuring consistency is the key to expanding your brand’s visibility.

Imagine McDonalds, for example. What if sometimes their logo was skewed or rotated slightly? Or, if the wrong colors were used. The result would ultimately be inconsistency that would not only affect the brand, but would also look really bad for the company.

With our digital marketing asset management system (DigiFLO), you can get your printed material delivered directly to your business and it be right every single time.

Marketing Asset Management Saves Time

The old way of ordering new business cards or posters for your business involved calling up your printer and having them start the process. You more than likely had to spell out the new hire’s name two or three times to ensure it is correct.

Then, you’d have to wait for the printer to send you a proof so that you could confirm. After confirmation, the printer would finally print your materials and ship them to you.

With DigiFLO, DMS has streamlined the process making it easier than ever to order marketing collateral for your business across all locations.

Simply go online, log into your account, select “business cards,” provide the name and contact information for the cards, view the proof instantly, and then submit. Then they are

printed and shipped – saving you valuable time and alleviating stress.

Marketing Asset Management is Customizable

DigiFLO offers a customizable solution to your digital marketing asset management needs.

Do you need notified when your inventory is running low?

No problem.

Do you need approval routing?

DigiFLO can do that, too.

Do you want to verify that your order is on track to arrive on time?

DigiFLO will also provide an email notification with tracking information after fulfillment of an order.

DMS works with you to create a tailored solution that helps streamline the process for you.

Check out the links below to learn more about DigiFLO and how DMS can help streamline the process and create a tailored solution to meet your needs.

At the end of the day, marketing asset management helps ensure brand consistency, saves you time, and is customizable to meet your needs.

Read to take the next step? Contact DMS today for a free quote.


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