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3 Ways Marketing Asset Management Helps Your Business

There are a growing number of companies today that are using web-based technologies and outsourced services to enhance the productivity of marketing operations. These solutions that are designed to enhance the responsiveness and efficiency of the supply and distribution of marketing materials are referred to as Marketing Asset Management Systems (MAMS).

There are several reasons why marketing asset management can help your business thrive and save you time.

Below are three reasons you should consider using MAMS for your business.

Marketing Asset Management Improves Efficiency

One major advantage of MAMS is that it is always available. Anyone in your company can place orders for marketing materials 24 hours a day, seven days a week. (We can institute approval routing to match your specific business needs as well).

No one other than the person placing the order is needed to begin processing, meaning MAMS will ultimately reduce the number of mistakes that inevitably occur when phone calls, emails, or faxes are used to place orders for marketing materials.

Plus, if you use our propriety MAMS, DigiFLO, you will never run out of that key marketing piece again because our real-time reporting allows you to always know what collateral is in stock and when it is time to order more.

Reduce Obsolescence with Marketing Asset Management

In a 2010 survey of marketers conducted by the Chief Marketing Officer Council, it was disco­­­vered that 73% of respondents don’t track the obsolescence of marketing materials. Furthermore, 40% of the remaining respondents said they waste 20% or more of their materials because they become obsolete.

Marketing Asset Management reduces this obsolescence by eliminating the need to purchase marketing materials in large quantities that may not be used; instead, businesses are now able to order the materials when they are needed.

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Lower Cost and Save Time with MAMS

Perhaps the most important – it’ll save you valuable resources. A MAMS will lower your total cost of acquiring, managing, and distributing marketing materials. Payments to marketing material vendors only constitute a small percentage of the actual total cost of the materials. It’s been estimated, for example, that for every $1 a company pays to external production vendors, it spends $6-$14 on other activities and processes relating to those materials.

When you implement a MAMS, you reduce the number of vendors you must manage, saving your valuable time and internal resources. Furthermore, a MAMS will move your company from transaction-based pricing to longer term contract-based pricing for most marketing materials.

Both of these changes will ultimately lower your procurement and storage costs.

At the end of the day, marketing asset management systems are designed to help your business. Learn more about DMS and DigiFLO and how we can customize our dashboard and system to meet your business needs.

Want to learn more about how marketing asset management can help your business? Click on the links below:

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