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An Insider Look at Die Cutting

Die cutting is a process by which we can take a piece of paper and cut it into a variety of shapes and designs using a steel cutting die (hence the name).

With die cutting, you can go beyond the normal (and sometimes boring) printing job and get something truly creative, especially when it comes to business cards that have unique shapes and really stand out.

How is die cutting done? How do you take a steel cutting die and a piece of paper and create something that is remarkable?

First, we hammer out your design. We take a look at what you are trying to do and what you want to accomplish. Once the design is finished, we can begin production.

Production starts by loading a skid of paper into the feeder section of the diecutter. We set the die – the steel implement that will do the actual cutting and tape off the make ready. Once this is prepared, we adjust the tonnage to make sure there is a proper pressure applied to the paper during the cutting process.

Once the process has run its course, and the paper is delivered into the feed and prepared, we take each piece by hand and manually remove the waste – the excess paper that isn’t going to be used in the final product. We also fold any product as needed to make sure it is correctly creased (like if you want die-cut folders).

After the paper is put into its final configuration, your die-cutting job is complete.

Die cutting isn’t just for creating cool pieces of paper. It’s also very valuable for your brand because it creates a distinctive look and feel for your brand that can help customers associate your company with something they can actually see and hold and touch.

Contact DMS if you want more information on using die cutting to create awesome projects for your business.


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