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Why Consolidating Your Digital Printing Makes Sense

If you meet any of the following characteristics, you may be missing out on one simple solution that can completely streamline your operations, especially when it comes to marketing, sales, and HR:

• Your organization has several locations spread out over a large geographic area

• You have an unimaginable amount of paperwork that has to be routed through several departments

• You have a sales force that is geographically dispersed and needs collateral from a central office

• Your branded items are inconsistent and the company colors are not maintained

If any of those sound familiar, you should strongly considering consolidating your digital printing operations and automating the entire process using modern technology.

Here’s why.

Consolidation Speeds Up the Process

If you or someone in your organization has ever had to deal with reams of paperwork coming and going from a multitude of locations, employees, customers or patients, you probably know how slow the process can be to get every piece of paper where it should be in a timely manner.

When you consolidate your printing, you can speed up the process by quickly routing each document where it needs to

Consolidation Saves Money 

Access to key contacts, software, and other essential components of the ordering process will go to the people who need to see it, with a minimum of fuss and hassle. As well as, with utilization of technology, purchase order processing can be completely streamlined.

Bringing your digital printing into the tech age with an online solution designed to streamline your operations also saves money because it saves one of your most valuable – and costly – resources: time.

Instead of having a dozen different sales representatives place multiple orders for sales collateral from different locations and time zones, for example, you can have a centralized location to route what they need, when they need it, to any destination.

That alone saves countless man-hours, which are better invested elsewhere.

Consolidation Improves Accuracy

Finally, when you bring your digital printing needs under one roof and in the hands of an automated system, complete with a virtual control center, you cut down on errors and improve accuracy.

This is because you can check and review whatever piece is ordered or whatever document is created before it goes out. Not only will this process save time; it will also prevent potential embarrassment – or worse – if an error proves to be a costly one.

Consolidated digital printing is here to stay. Get on board and learn more about how you can improve your operations by contacting DMS today.


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