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How to Create Great Compounding Pharmacy Brochures

What makes for great compounding pharmacy brochures?

A great brochure needs to tell a story quickly, succinctly, and powerfully. This is easier said than done, as many pharmacies have found with their attempts to create brochures. It’s not easy, but it is possible – as long as you understand the essentials of designing a great piece.

It’s All About the Content

A brochure, for starters, needs to convey crucial information about your compounding pharmacy. The content has to be right, and the information has to be necessary, relevant, and essential.

The content also needs to be concisely phrased, since you have a limited amount of real estate to work with. There’s a lot of info you want to convey – for example, you may have a long list of conditions for which your compounded medications are prescribed. You want people to understand that their condition can be helped, but you don’t want to be too wordy – otherwise, you’ll run out of room.

The key to making sure your content is right is to first outline what you want to say. What are the essential points? As you can see in the above image, the pharmacy wanted to explain:

• The benefits of compounding medication

• The background of the pharmacy

• Conditions that are treated by its medications

This content was prioritized because it is in the center of the brochure, which is the most important area of the brochure.

It’s Also All About the Design

Of course, while the content is essential, so is the design. You simply won’t have effective compounding pharmacy brochures without great design.

Simplicity is the main trend in design today. Brochures need to be clean and basic. Too much design is actually a bad thing. You want your brand to come across in the right way, but to not overwhelm the content (which is what ultimately will sell your pharmacy).

Tips for better compounding pharmacy brochures design include:

• Be selective about your images; pick a few strong images to include

• Style it in such a way as to encourage people to open the brochure and read each section in sequence

• Feature your logo prominently

• Use bullet points and break panels into sections

• Use complementary colors

If your brochure easily catches your eye, you know you’ve done a good job – because it’ll grab peoples’ attention and encourage them to read.

Focus on being concise, clear, and engaging. Your brochures will then do a great job of representing your pharmacy and explaining what you have to offer in an effective way.

Contact DMS today if you need amazing compounding pharmacy brochures or custom prescription pads and checklists.


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