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Creating an Impact with Large-Format Digital Printing

Want to wow your audience?

There’s no bigger way to make a splash than with large-format digital printing.

Chances are, you’ve seen a product of large-format digital printing. You’ve seen banners, signs, billboards, displays, and the like. You may have liked them or hated them, but one thing is for sure: they probably got your attention.

That’s the point with large-format digital printing. Skillful use of well-designed large-format pieces can go a long way toward helping brand an organization and deliver outsized impact for a campaign.

What's Possible with Large-Format Digital Printing

What, exactly, does large-format printing mean?

Think of small-format printing. This generally includes pamphlets, brochures, books, flyers, sales collateral, yard signs, decals, and the like. Most digital printers can handle jobs like these.

When you go larger than any of these typical products, you need larger equipment to handle the increased size. You also need experts who can adjust an image to match the need for a superior resolution. Thus, large-format digital printing comes in handy.

You can create:

• Large posters

• Billboards

• Trade show booth displays

• Oversized signs

• Banners

• Large wall decals

• Canvas Prints

• Window clings

• Enlarged photos

These are best used for marketing and branding purposes (although they can also be used for identification purposes for businesses who depend on foot traffic). The large size makes it easier to display more information and a wider variety of imagery to your audience, who can encounter the brand from far away.

One Tip for Making Use of Large-Format Printing

Our best tip for taking advantage of this method is to focus on design that speaks volumes no matter how far away you are.

This means creating a logo that is easily recognizable and that stands out. It means creative use of bold colors and lettering. It means knowing how to best use the space you have for a message – meaning you have to be very concise and impactful with the words you can use.

You want a strong brand for your large-format project. The stronger the visual identity, the better off you’ll be – and the more success you’ll have from your collateral.

Contact DMS if you want more information on taking advantage of this printing style for your business.


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