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The Importance of "The Offer" in Direct Mail Advertising

Direct mail advertising is a time-honored, battle-tested way to promote your brand in a way that results in meaningful connections and tangible business results. There is a reason why it is still as much of the marketing mix today as it was decades ago.

To make the most of direct mail advertising, though, you need to understand the critical importance of one, fundamental aspect of your direct mail piece: the offer.

Why the Offer is King in Direct Mail Pieces

Far too often, businesses believe merely sending a nice-looking, well-designed and well-written mail piece to their target audience is enough to raise awareness.

Raising awareness is fine, but when you’re spending money on a direct mail campaign, you want something more to validate your investment.

Giving someone an offer – a coupon, a rebate, a discount, a sale, etc. – gives them a reason to take interest in what you mail them.  It creates an anchor in their minds about who you are and what you do.

And, more importantly, it gives them a reason to keep your mail piece and not throw it away.

Creative Ideas for Offers You Can Use

To give your direct mail advertising campaign the crucial importance it needs to persist and influence buyers, you need to have a little fun when brainstorming. Simply put, think of different ways you can give your target audience what they want – something valuable for merely giving you their time.

You can:

• Create a series of mailers that gives the recipient a discount or deal if he/she collects three different mailers sent out over three-six weeks and brings them in;

• Use scratch-off discounts to make a game out of the mailer;

• Encourage referrals by giving the recipient a reason to give the mailer to someone else; if the new recipient turns in the mailer, the original recipient gets a discount of some sort;

• Give away something for free in exchange for the mailer – such as a consultation if you provide a service.

Direct mail advertising offers a world of opportunity to reach and influence your audience with something tangible and memorable. You just need to focus on one critical element – the offer.

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