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Is Direct Mail Marketing Useful for Promoting a Business?

The answer is, Yes!

There are many ways to promote and market a business, and all of them have their place. But in today’s digital age, the emphasis seems to be more on social media, content marketing, and other forms of online promotion.

Does that mean direct mail marketing – long a staple of any marketer’s toolbox – is on its way out? On the contrary, direct mail marketing offers substantial benefits for marketing virtually any business, product, or service – and it fits in great with a company’s overall marketing strategy. 

How Popular Is Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct mail marketing, simply put, is still one of the most popular forms of marketing used today. It can also beat other marketing methods in terms of response rates and effectiveness, among other factors. Consider these statistics:

• In 2012, companies spent $170 billion on direct mail outreach methods

• In January 2013, 74% of business to business marketers rated direct mail as “very effective”

• Response rates for direct mail are anywhere from 10 to 30 times that of email and internet display ads

• Over half – 54% – of all mailed postcards are read by recipients

• According to a Target Marketing magazine survey, direct mail received the strongest ROI for B2C marketers

• Consumers aged 18-34 prefer learning about marketing offers via postal mail rather than online sources

This isn’t to say that direct mail marketing should not be integrated with other methods, of course. Your marketing mix should depend on your business, your goals, and your audience.

It is to say, though, that direct mail marketing is not only widely used, but also effective at customer acquisition and ROI.

Why Does Direct Marketing Resonate?

Researchers have actually looked into what makes direct mail effective. One powerful conclusion comes from a study conducted by Millward Brown in October 2012 entitled “Using Neuroscience to Understand the Role of Direct Mail.”

In this study, researchers found that “physical media left a ‘deeper footprint’ in the brain, even after controlling for the increase in sensory processing in tangible items.” They also found that physical materials produced a higher level of brain response with a person’s internal feelings.

In short, direct mail is very useful for promoting a business – and should be a tool considered by a company looking to broaden its reach.

To integrate direct mail into your business marketing plan, contact DMS today at 205.874.6183.


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