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DigiFLO: A Better Web-to-Print Solution

What is web-to-print?

DigiFLO is marketing asset management platform that can revolutionize your business – saving you valuable time and maintaining a consistent brand across multiple locations!

The DigiFLO system allows you to manage all of your marketing collateral in one place – online.  With a custom dashboard, you have all of your marketing materials stored in one place with print fullfillment by a single printer!

In short, DigiFLO can revolutionize the way you order, store, and receive your marketing materials, with approval routing customized to meet your specific business needs.

What are the benefits?

There are several benefits from using the DigiFLO web-to-print system. Below are the four that will have the biggest impact on your business!

DigiFLO asset management system helps businesses streamline ordering

#1 Brand Consistency

You’ve put a lot of work into developing your brand. Everything from the font you use to the logo and color has been carefully planned out. You want to preserve that hard work with brand consistency.

When you order your marketing materials through the DigiFLO web-to-print system, whether you order from the home office or from a location in the field, all of your materials are printed by the same printer. The result? Consistency!

The business cards or brochures your salesman in one location orders will be identical to those ordered by salesmen in every other location. You no longer have to worry about incorrect colors or branding. You never have to pick up a phone! With DigiFLO you get the right branding every time.

#2 It Saves You Time & Money

In the normal scenario, a person at the main office orders all the marketing materials from the printer and has them shipped – after numerous phone calls and email confirmations. Once they receive the shipment they must separate it and send it out to the individual employees in the field.

Think about how much time would be saved by using DigiFLO. The employees themselves would order their own marketing collateral, which would then be sent directly to them in the field. Lower shipping costs and less time spent ordering and waiting on materials. It’s a win/win for everyone!

#3 It's Easy

Because each employee orders their own marketing materials, this task doesn’t pile up on one person in the main office. No requests get lost in the shuffle of a busy workplace. Also, you do not have to deal with multiple vendors!

It really is as simple as logging onto your custom, branded dashboard and ordering your print materials. We will even set up automatic reminders to let you know when inventory is low!

With DigiFLO, there’s no hassle!

#4 You are in control

If the thought of your employees ordering their own marketing collateral makes you nervous, put your fears to rest. With DigiFLO, you set the parameters for all orders!

For instance, you can give each location a budget. Any orders about the budget won’t be processed without your approval. You can set any boundaries you like – we will customize your dashboard with approval routing to meet your specific business needs. In short, you are in control.

Ready to make DigiFLO your web-to-print solution?

If you are ready to save time and money by using the DigiFLO web-to-print system, contact DMS today! Connect with us and let us help you improve the way you order print materials for your business.


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