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Do you have brand consistency? If not, here's why you should.

Having an effective brand that grabs attention and keeps it is a powerful thing. After all, your brand is your reputation, and no business wants to have a bad reputation.

But having a brand and having a consistent brand are two different things, as some businesses have learned the hard way. In order to have an effective brand – one that is the same no matter where you go or what customers see – it needs to be consistent.

Why is a brand so important?

A brand is important because it’s the representation of what people think about you.

No business will endure if its customers think negatively about it – or, worse, if customers have no idea that the business even exists.

By having a strong brand – and by brand, we’re referring to the intangible messages that represent your company as well as the visual elements like colors, logos, etc. – you can better control peoples’ perceptions of your company.

That way, whenever a person encounters your company out in the market, they instantly connect with what your brand represents and form powerful associations with your business.

Why does it need to be consistent?

Inconsistency can sound the death knell to a brand – if only because a lack of consistency confuses people and dilutes the power of what you’re conveying.

Imagine if Apple had an inconsistent brand. Let’s say they randomly started using their old, 1990’s-era logo here and there as well as their current logo. How many of its current customers would recognize that the old logo represents the same company?

Of course, that’s a hypothetical – Apple would never do that, because they recognize the power of having a consistent brand across the board in everything they do. Every time a customer sees that modern Apple logo, they recognize everything it represents and aren’t confused.

Apple is an excellent example of brand consistency

It goes beyond just logo, though. If Target tried to represent itself as a bargain-oriented place to shop, with the cheapest prices anywhere, yet still kept its current pricing structure, people would be confused because Target isn’t the cheapest place to buy most things. They would leave Target and go to Walmart instead.

Improve brand consistency with marketing asset management

Brand consistency is powerful. Ensure that your brand is consistent across the board, wherever a customer may see it, by contacting us today. Our marketing asset management platform can help ensure brand consistency across the board for your business.


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