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Get in the FLO

At DMS Color, we are more than just a print shop. That is why we make sure your materials and marketing collateral are handled with the highest satisfaction.  

In the chaos of today's world, finding a digital marketing platform that works for your business is extremely important. Whether you are just wanting to get organized or juggling multiple locations, DigiFLO® is here to help will all printing needs. Streamline the process from which materials are printed and distributed to the field and alleviate some of the stress. 

Let's dive into DigiFLO® and discover why this platform is right for your business.   

What is DigiFLO®? 

DigiFLO® is an online management system that ensures your company is in accord with its brand message and identity. It allows for customized access to your system and guarantees only approved marketing collateral is being used. It makes sure your business rules are integrated with the platform to ensure consistency and automate workflows.  

DigiFLO® approval routing capabilities funnel all orders through a managerial workflow process. This allows for real-time updates, always keeping the field informed. Its inventory management capabilities will track product thresholds to ensure key pieces do not run out. It offers a customized set up that looks and feels exactly like you want them.  

Who is DigiFLO® For? 

Anyone and everyone that has several print marketing pieces and wants it stored all together! DigiFLO® is customized to fit your brand’s needs. If you are looking for more efficiency and collaboration, DigiFLO® is for you. Save your sanity and streamline the marketing collateral process.  

Restaurants with multiple locations can greatly benefit from the use of DigiFLO®. By unifying your storefront, it allows marketing collateral to be verified, viewed, and ordered in one place, ensuring each location has everything it needs to succeed. Do not hold back from growing your business and let DigiFLO® automate workflows and streamline the process.  

DigiFLO® Benefits 

  • Centralized Management: DigiFLO® simplifies asset management across multiple states or store locations with a centralized platform. Access all marketing and print collateral seamlessly, regardless of location. 

  • Brand Consistency: Control access to branded assets and customize features to ensure uniformity across diverse markets.   

  • Bulk Ordering & Brand Consistency: Optimize costs with DigiFLO® through bulk ordering without storage hassles. Manage inventory efficiently with direct delivery to necessary locations. 

  • Detailed Reporting: Gain insights with DigiFLO®’s comprehensive reporting and analytics. Evaluate marketing material effectiveness and make data-driven decisions to refine strategies and optimization. 

  • Customized User Management: DigiFLO® offers flexible user management with customizable access levels. Tailor permissions to align with organizational needs, ensuring security and seamless collaboration.   

  • Real-Time Access: Access marketing materials anytime, anywhere with DigiFLO®’s secure, web-based platform. Enhance agility with 24/7 availability from any device. 

DigiFLO® Case Study & Testimonial 

Dreamland Bar-B-Que turned to DMS Color and implemented DigiFLO® to maintain brand consistency. Marketing assets like menus, table tents, business cards, and more are housed in their custom storefront powered by DMS Color. DigiFLO® has allowed dreamland to fill their print orders constantly, cost effectively, and with a quick turnaround.  

Since partnering up with DMS Color, Dreamland has grown from 4 to 10 locations. 

“Working with DMS has made the printing workflow very manageable. We have both print on demand and more frequently ordered items are kept in inventory. The restaurant business is very fast paced and DMS is always able to keep up with our demand. I would recommend them to any business looking to give more autonomy to the field.” - Pam Measel, Dreamland’s Director of Marketing 


Online management of collateral is great at solving a wide variety of problems. If you are ready to save money and eliminate time spent on marketing collateral, DigiFLO® is the solution. Contact DMS Color today to schedule a free demo.


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