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Getting the Most from Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

As digital printers, we help many of our clients design and execute direct mail marketing campaigns designed to reach targeted audiences with a carefully-crafted message. 

After all, direct mail is a fantastic way to:

• Target specific market segments by demographics

• Get past other marketing and advertising noise by meeting the customer in their homes

Earlier this year, we covered three ways to improve the effectiveness of your direct mail marketing campaign. Now, we share additional ways to get the most from your campaign and deliver the results your business needs from your marketing outreach – all using the power of direct mail.

Track Success with Dedicated Landing Pages

What do most people do when they receive a piece of direct mail?

Some throw it away, naturally, but if the image and content resonate, they keep it. Then, they look for more information – such as going to a website. At this stage, you can actually track the success of your direct mail piece and improve the chances that your potential customer will turn into a real customer.

How? By creating a special landing page for your direct mail piece.

A landing page is simply a single page on a website. The URL that you put on the direct mail piece leads to the landing page. The goal here is to get your customer to do one thing and one thing only. It could be downloading a document, or signing up for an email list, or buying a product, or giving you a call. Whatever the action is, the landing page is geared toward convincing your customers to do what you want them to do.

Not only will they be more likely to learn more or take action; you can also track how many people liked the direct mail piece by tracking the traffic that goes to the landing page. Just be sure to not link from any other page to the landing page, as that can throw off the results.

direct people where they should go with direct mail marketing

Connect the Direct Mail Piece with Advertising

If you advertise, you can create a common theme with the direct mail piece that re-emphasizes the pitch you make in the advertisement.

This gives you an opportunity to build brand strength and recognition. Be sure to use the same colors, images, and messages, and feel free to point them toward an advertisement. For example, you can say, “Check out our ad in _____ Magazine” or “See our fan page on Facebook”.

The same goes for social media. Point them toward your social media properties so they can engage with you further. Find ways to connect your direct mail to other marketing channels to get the best bang for your buck.

Need consultation for your direct mail campaign? Contact us today and let us share with you our knowledge and expertise in direct mail marketing, one of the most effective marketing channels available to businesses today.


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