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Guess What—Direct Mail Marketing Still Works

Direct mail marketing has fallen under the shadow of digital marketing with the advent of the Internet, to the point that many businesses think it’s not useful anymore.

It makes sense on one level, because digital is all the rage – SEO, PPC, social, etc. Digital does offer some advantages, but is it really the only way you can get new customers?

Here’s the truth: Direct mail marketing still works and is still one of the most powerful ways to reach your target audience effectively and affordably.

Not Your Old Direct Mail Marketing

Part of the reason direct mail marketing has continued to be successful is because it has evolved over the years.

For example, personalized pieces are more popular today and are a must for most campaigns — but they were limited in the past due to technology. Now, advances in equipment and variable data printing make personalization a breeze.

Also, the advent of Big Data has made targeting more readily available and made the entire process more sophisticated. Instead of just blanketing an area with as many pieces as you could send out – thinking that numbers are everything – you can be more selective and use widely-available consumer data to pinpoint your mailings like a precision strike.

This delivers fewer pieces mailed but better yields and returns.

The Old Advantages Still Remain

Of course, not everything about direct mail marketing has changed.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the overwhelming advantage of giving your customers something to hold and feel. Direct mail marketing pieces often get the attention of your customers for 30 seconds or more, if they’re well-designed. That’s usually far more than an online ad or a social media post. It competes favorably with blog posts, which people usually skim.

We can’t overstate just how important that is. A slick direct mail piece sticks with your customer and gives them something to think about after they’ve received it. If they keep it, it’s a constant reminder of your brand. And if the offer is good enough, they’ll not only take advantage of it, but share it with their friends. (We’ve all had friends who have shown us a piece and said, “I got this in the mail. You have to check this out!”)

At the end of the day, direct mail marketing still works just like it always has. Don’t neglect it if you’re looking for an effective way to reach your audience.


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