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How a Print Partner can Accelerate Your Brand

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

If you’re not using a printer as part of your marketing plan, you’re missing out.

And here’s why…

You’ve probably heard the statistic, a consumer needs to “hear” your brand’s messaging seven times, seven different ways before they will make a purchase. And while that may seem easy with the variety of media options at your disposal, brands are also competing against more messages than ever.

Push notifications, magazine ads, display ads, billboards, and even this blog are all forms of marketing that people encounter every day. And, on any given day, a person can be exposed to thousands of ads.

So how can your company stand out from the noise? By adapting the age-old statistic and a healthy marketing campaign.

Instead of pushing your message out—hoping someone sees it seven different times, seven different ways—ask yourself how you can strategically plan when your customer should hear your message.

Instead of listing out five basic ways you can push your logo in front of customers (let’s be honest, you’re probably already doing them), this blog is going to focus on five unique ways having a print partner can accelerate your branding.

1) Installations

Picture this, you’re driving down the interstate, and there’s nothing but trees and fields. Then, you pass one of the dozens of barns that have begun collapsing with the test of time. But on this one, a big yellow sign that says, “Should’ve used YellaWood.”

*If you’re not familiar, YellaWood is pressure-treated pine that prevents termites.

Of the millions of dollars companies spend on marketing, this simple (and relatively cost-effective) campaign increased ROI by 162%. What did it take? Creativity and strategically planning the perfect opportunity to disrupt the customer. Oh, and a print partner to bring it to life. 😊

2) Promotional Items

At one of the conferences we attended, we encountered an unexpected (yet important) takeaway. The power of finding unique promotional items

There will always be the tried-and-true hats, pens, t-shirts, and stickers. And, in some instances, those might be the perfect solution. However, to find a unique promotional item, you first must consider your market. Then, find a way to incorporate your brand (in a broader sense than just putting your logo on it).

For example, we wanted to create sample packs for qualified visitors looking for packaging.

These packets would include labels, stickers, raised foil boxes, postcards, and our catalog.

Since there was quite a bit we would be handing out, we had to be sure of two things:

  • There would be no confusion where the products where coming from

  • They would be kept together (and in good condition) until they were brought back to potential customer’s offices

To achieve this, we decided we would be creating these sample packs in bags. Step 1 complete.

Next, we capitalized on our largest differentiator—foil. Now, we couldn’t print our award-winning foil on bags, but we knew the same message would be communicated with a metallic bag. And the rest was history. Step 2 complete.

When we got to the show and started handing out some of the shiniest, eye-catching bags you’ve ever seen, it wasn’t long before people were asking to learn more about us and telling their friends to do the same. By the end, even the conference organizers wanted our promotional items.

While those stole the show, we also had other promotional items. As a licensed ASI member, we have access to over 15,000 promotional items. From fanny packs and hats to the world’s best pizza cutter and everything in between—if you’re in the market for unique promotional items, let our brand specialists help!

3) Direct Mail Campaigns

In a study compiled by SmallBizTrends, “the response rate to direct mail pieces is 3.7 percent, as opposed to 2 percent mobile, 1 percent email, 1 percent social media, and 0.2 percent internet display.”

With the advent of social media and the internet, businesses have been able to create and launch ads within a matter of hours—completely disrupting the traditional advertising industry. However, with most other industries flocking to mediums such as Facebook, it’s left other avenues (such as Direct Mail) open.

So open in fact, the U.S. Postal Service cited that 84% of Millennials actually take the time to sort through their mail. And, as a result of an engaged audience, the average ROI for direct mail campaign can range between 18-20%.

Here is where having a print partner can come in handy:

Step 1: Audience

If you already have a database you would like to mail to, simply provide a CSV file with all the information that will be merged into the campaign creative (name, address, additional info).

For those wanting to send a campaign to a new audience, our brand specialists can work with you to acquire new leads based on your target demographic.

Step 2: Design

Now that you know who will be receiving your message, it’s time to create it.

Our team of in-house designers can help turn your brand’s messaging into a direct mail campaign geared toward results. With attention-grabbing call-to-actions (CTAs), our designers make sure your piece not only looks good but entices readers to take the next step.

If you already have a design, perfect! We will ensure your files are set up to give you the best results for our digital printing methods. And, if you want, we can still incorporate any of our raised foil and varnish embellishments.

Step 3: Print

As a full-service print and packaging company, we have the expertise to bring your ideas to life. And, with our digital print technology, we can ensure your campaigns are executed correctly and at the highest quality.

And, since our embellishment capabilities are digital, we can personalize your messaging with a variety of color foil options and varnish—without any dies! (Saving you thousands of dollars).

An example of a direct mail campaign we printed that leveraged our variable data capabilities.

Step 4: Mail

To give our client’s the best quality, at the best prices, we also have an in-house shipping team. This team ensures your mailers meet the post office’s requirements and you are receiving any discounts possible (such as pre-sorting).

4) Engage the Customer’s Senses

With traditional print, you can be limited to what the reader sees on the page. However, with our raised foil and varnish technology, we print textures people can feel.

Imagine this, you’re sorting through a stack of brochures that you picked up at a conference. As you’re glancing over each one to see if there is anything that stands outs, your thumb brushes over a course texture. On a second look, you see a brochure with details printed beneath a layer of raised varnish. Had this brochure only been visually engaging, your brand could have gone unnoticed.

5) Activate Brand Enthusiasts

In business, there’s a principle called the 80/20 rule. For those that don’t know, this means that 80% of your business comes from only 20% of your clients. Crazy, huh!

Though this might seem scary—what if a client leaves?!—it can also be used to advocate for your brand.

For the 20% of customers that purchase from you regularly, consider giving them a gift with their next purchase. Small items like stickers or decals are often used on daily objects such as water bottles, phones, or even vehicles and are the ultimate expression of someone recommending your brand.

Do you know who can create stickers, labels, and decals? If you guessed DMS Color, you’re right.

Take Apple for example, with the purchase of any of their products, shoppers receive two stickers. These stickers are only available by purchasing an Apple product. This means that users who associate the brand as a representation of themselves will place them where it gets the maximum visibility—potentially reaching thousands of people for mere cents. Genius, right?

How it All Comes Together

With all the different options for marketing and advertising, be sure you’re reaching multiple customer touch points. By incorporating a knowledgeable print and packaging expert in your campaign, you’re creating a healthy marketing plan that opens the possibilities for new and engaging ideas.

Contact us today to see how we can help elevate your brand.


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