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How Security Printing Factors Into Business Models

What is Security Printing?

How do you know if your brand is under attack? Are you positive that there are not knock-offs being sold to your clients? Is this a problem in your industry? There are business owners that must ask themselves these kinds of questions daily. These businesses require taking extra steps when printing materials to guarantee their security and validity. These companies must be able to verify authenticity and quality to consumers. These industries include high-value packages, prescription drugs, alcohol, tobacco, event tickets, and many other products that may need additional brand protection. Secure printing techniques can be utilized to assure clients that their products are from a trusted source. Security printing not only helps inform and protect consumers, but brands receive protection for their reputation and from counterfeiting operations.

Use security printing to deter counterfeiting
When you first look at this picture, what do you see? Superman, Batman, Spider-Man. Now look closer. What appears to be the most popular "Justice League" superheros, is actually counterfeit "Sense of Right Alliance."

The counterfeit market is thriving, especially in an era where shopping online is becoming the norm. According to a 2017 report done by MarkMonitor, there is a severe problem with fraudulent goods. The study shows that people generally trust online channels and highlights the power of the convenience of being able to purchase products without making special trips to brick and mortar locations. Clothing company’s brand equity and image can be tarnished due to subpar products being passed off as the brand’s own. Some of the most troubling counterfeit operations pass off the medicine, supplements, vitamins, and other personal care products. Usage of these products can have some serious effects for consumers, including death in some cases.

The consequences of fraudulent products, especially the case with medication, can be serious. The report goes on to highlight that there are an estimated 100,000 deaths per year resulting from the $1 billion sold in counterfeit medicine. Therefore, it is very important for brands to protect their business, image and most importantly their customers. If you are looking to add an extra layer of security to your product, consider utilizing a holographic secure printing method.

Building trust with your customers is one of the best ways to ensure they use your business again and again. Once you have successfully built that trust, it will lend itself to your businesses’ reputation and image. Having a good reputation is becoming more important as competition continues to grow and customers become more willing to purchase goods online.

DMS Color can design a solution that will assure your clientele always getting what they need, from the source they trust, you. We will treat your brand like it is our own. Our design team can create unique secure packaging solutions made specifically for your brand, echoing your message, protecting your business and customers. Give us a call at (205) 874.6183 or contact us here for additional details on our security printing techniques.


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