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Landing Clients with Quality Branding

What’s one way to land new clients?

Have a strong, powerful, high-quality brand that attracts prospects and turns them into leads.

As printers in Birmingham, Alabama, we understand the role a powerful brand plays in the sales process. After all, we help businesses with the visual element of their brand – the parts that stand out, catch the eye, and start the entire process of winning a new client.

A strong brand is an essential part of your overall business strategy. Without one, you’ll flounder. With one, you’ll thrive.

Here’s how you can create quality branding for yourself and appear bigger than you really are.

Be Consistent

Whatever your brand is, it needs to be consistent.

Your brand needs to look the same no matter where people see it. This isn’t just the words and messages, but the visual element. When you design a logo, it needs to stand out – but it also needs to be consistent across all media.

For example, your logo, your brand colors, and your general look and feel – even down to the type of font you use – need to be the same across your website, your business cards, your print collateral, your letterhead, your posters/flyers/billboards, your print ads, etc.

That way, when people see it, they immediately associate that look with your brand and all it represents. To get a feel for why this is important – and to have a little fun – take this quiz about major logos that have been altered and see how many you can identify.

Be Professional

A strong brand is a professional one.

Consumers can tell when intention and effort has been put into creating a brand. They can also tell when it is haphazard, unsophisticated, and amateurish. Unfortunately, business owners aren’t graphic designers, and when they attempt to create branding themselves, it often comes across as the work of an amateur (which it is).

Knowing the latest trends and best practices can go a long way toward making a brand professional. Your designer will take into consideration how the consumer perceives your industry and brands like yours to create a look that resonates and appears to be the product of a serious, concerted effort.

Be Unique

The appeal of a brand isn’t just how it looks; it’s also in how it sets a company apart from the rest.

Take a look at your competition and how they present themselves. Then, find a way to create a different look or perspective – one that clearly denotes you as someone different, unique, innovative. A designer can help you create a unique brand presentation that isn’t a run-of-the-mill aesthetic, but one that creates memorable connections with your consumer. After all, consumers already think all businesses in a field are essentially the same. You have to give them a reason to think otherwise.

If you work with printers in Birmingham, Alabama, to create brands that are consistent, professional, and unique, then your brand will prosper and grow.


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