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DigiFLO: Customizable Marketing Asset Management

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Marketing Asset Management Software- DigiFLO

DigiFLO – How Businesses are Reducing Cost in an Unexpected Way.

In today’s economy, it seems like business owners can never save too much money.  We are constantly looking for ways to trim fat from our budgets and make our operations leaner, meaner and more productive.

Believe it or not, some businesses are taking smart steps to save money in an unexpected way: by making their printing services more efficient.

Printing – an Unconventional Way to Cut Costs

Currently, most businesses use a lengthy and often-convoluted way to get their collateral printed.

When they need collateral – anything from business cards and order forms to direct mail pieces, prescription pads and more – representatives and employees in the field submit their orders to an identified resource, who takes time to set up the proof before sending it back to the field for approval. Once that happens, the order is reviewed once more and submitted to a printer, who then delivers another proof for yet another round of revisions.

Finally, the printer gets around to actually producing the order and sending it to the field.

As you can imagine, this process is entirely too long and too inefficient for most businesses in today’s fast-paced society.

Fortunately, innovative companies have taken the lead in finding a better way to print their materials.

The Future Is Here – and It is Online

Today, any business who wants a competitive edge can reduce spent time by streamlining tasks (soft savings) by turning to what is called a marketing asset management system (MAMS).

At DMS, our unique approach to a MAMS is called DigiFLO – our on-demand system that lets you select what you need, when you need it, and have it quickly produced and shipped to wherever you need it. We can even customize the approach to automate the business rules associated with this process.

You no longer have to waste time playing phone or email tag with a printer. Instead, you can harness the power of the internet to visit your online repository of marketing and sales material and place orders effortlessly.

In fact, companies who turn to MAMS often save 20% or more – and that is precisely what DigiFLO was designed to do.

In short, if you want to reduce costs and save time for your business, then you have to think out of the box by turning to printing efficiencies for your business collateral.

Contact us today to learn more about how DigiFLO is the answer to making ordering and receiving your print collateral more efficient for your business.


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