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Why Every Sales Team Needs Marketing Asset Management for a Competitive Advantage

Sales, by its very nature, is competitive.

Sales teams at this very moment are competing with each other on behalf of their companies and clients for the same spend dollars and budgets, but largely – and inexplicably – are using the exact same tactics.

The need for differentiation and competitive advantage for your sales force is precisely why marketing asset management systems (MAMS) were invented – to give sales teams superior options for collaboration, coordination, and clarity with their collateral. 

The Importance of Collateral to a Sales Team’s Success

One of the most critical tools for a successful sales operation is collateral.

The marketing and sales material available to a sales team can make or break a sales cycle for a prospect. How?

Prospects, these days, have clear expectations that are almost universal across industries.

They expect:

• Professionally-designed graphics and visuals

• Clear, consistent messages

• A strong brand with clear differentiators

• A wide variety of helpful information about virtually every product or service proposed

• Material on demand – whatever they want, whenever they want it

Satisfy those expectations and you have a much higher chance of registering a strong impression and setting yourself apart from the competition.

How Marketing Asset Management Helps

A sophisticated marketing asset management system helps sales teams precisely by satisfying all of those expectations. This is accomplished by:

Collecting your material in one, online system;

Collaborating with your team by making all material available to your entire force;

Consolidating your brand by giving it one, uniform message across all material;

• Coordinating all your efforts in one, strategic approach.

With a MAMS, you have the pieces of hard-hitting, persuasive, and informational collateral and marketing material that your prospects could want or need in one place, with one cohesive brand identity, completely under your control – no matter how many sales teams you operate or how much territory your company covers.

Gain a competitive advantage with a MAMS for your organization and see the difference.


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