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How We Save Our Clients Space with Digital Printing

As a digital printing company, we naturally print out a lot of stuff for our clients.

Whether it is a slick marketing piece or an essential piece of collateral, the things we print don’t exist in a vacuum. They have to be stored somewhere, and it is rare that a client has the space to keep it all.

This is problematic because a department or organization needs to have a steady supply of essential pieces and documents. Without a steady supply, disruptions happen, and these can cost time and money.

Fortunately, the process we’ve created to handle inventory management takes care of this for our clients. Here are the benefits.

Our Clients Save Critical Space through Warehousing

One major part of our process is simple: we store and warehouse collateral on behalf of our clients.

When our clients need something, we receive the order (or create the piece ourselves with our graphic design specialists) and print whatever material is needed. We then ship the collateral to the preferred destination, and keep an ample supply on premises in case they need more in the future.

This frees up a lot of space that can be used for other mission-critical functions.

DMS Color warehouses and fulfills marketing collateral orders on behalf of their clients

Inventory Management Tracks Usage and Supply

Our process also helps by keeping track of the inventory available.

One piece of technology we use to do this is called DigiFLO. DigiFLO helps by alerting a client as to how much of a supply exists for a particular document or piece of collateral. When this gets low, they can quickly and easily order more, thus keeping their supply well stocked.

It’s important to maintain a careful eye on inventory levels. DigiFLO accomplishes that and more by giving our clients an easy control panel from which they can order whatever is needed to achieve a mission or objective.

Digital printing is all about maintaining inventory and supply, and getting what is needed in the hands of those who need it. Our process helps ensure this goes smoothly each and every day, no matter what.


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