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Solving Financial Services Compliance Issues for Marketing Collateral

If your organization is in the banking and financial services industry, you undoubtedly understand the importance of compliance. 

There is perhaps no area that is as difficult to navigate, at times, than marketing when it comes to compliance – especially if you have multiple locations and a thousand moving pieces. You have to make sure each piece is approved on multiple levels, through multiple departments, and via multiple personnel – all while staying clean when it comes to lows and governance.

Throw in the confusion that results when new people are added to the mix and you have the potential for a major headache with your marketing collateral.

Fortunately, there is a better way.

How Centralized Printing Solves the Problem

One solution that cuts through the above issues is centralizing your printing and consolidating it under one roof.

Imagine that your organization had one central control point for all of your marketing collateral – no matter what location is being served, and no matter who is in charge of approving it. Your collateral could be routed through an online command center, ordered as needed, changed when necessary, and approved as it comes.

As a result, every location would have access to collateral that is ready to go. There is never a question about whether or not a piece is approved; there is never a doubt as to what is ready to use and what isn’t.

Throw in the convenience of being able to order collateral at will and you have the makings of a comprehensive solution for the financial services industry.

Fortunately, a system such as this exists. DigiFLO™ is a powerful web-based platform that makes it easy to collect, order, and approve collateral no matter how large or widespread an organization may be. DigiFLO™ offers a command center designed for compliance-minded professionals who want to ensure total accountability over their collateral at all times.

DMS Color's Marketing Asset Management Tool, DigiFLO
A simple view of our marketing asset management tool, DigiFLO. Centralize your marketing collateral and order all your print and promotional materials from one convenient location.

Learn more about DigiFLO™ and see how your organization’s collateral needs can be handled with ease, once and for all.


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