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The Importance of Signage in the Current Climate

During this time, many businesses are struggling to find ways to keep their doors open. Restaurants and other companies around the country are working with a limited staff and completely changing the way they operate. Organizations are figuring out how to make the shift to operating remotely or offering pick-ups, deliveries, and take out options.

Saw’s Juke Joint in Birmingham, AL experienced just that. When it was announced that restaurants could remain open, but could not accommodate dine-in patrons, they jumped into action to create a system where people could call in orders for pick-up or walk-up and place an order to-go; all while maintaining proper social distancing, of course.

Part of this new set up was making sure that the local community knew that they were still open and were aware of how to navigate their new system. They set up multiple large banners that are easily seen from the street announcing that they were open for to-go orders. Utilizing directional yard signs was another opportunity to help navigate customers on where to enter the parking lot, which way to go, and how to exit safely.

Do you have a business that is rethinking the ways to how you can continue to serve the community? While figuring out how to best do this, it is very important to remember to inform your customers and clients that you are still open for business.

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind during your planning:

1.) Clear and Visible Signage

Is your store easily visible from the road? Are you located in a strip mall? Consider a large and durable outside banner that can hang outside that is easily visible by passing traffic. Let the public know you are open for orders with your website and phone number clearly on display!

2.) Yard Signs

Yard signs are not just for elections, real estate, and events anymore. These inexpensive and all-weather signs are great for directing your customers on where to enter, line up, and exit after getting their order. They can also be used along the road leading up to your restaurant, advertising that you are open.

3.) To-Go Menus

Make sure that people know if your selections have changed. Printable take-a-way menus are a super-easy way that people can know what is offered; allowing them to efficiently order, then take the menu with them so that it is easy to reorder next time. Also, having these at your disposal is a great way to prevent the spread of germs. Encourage each guest to have their own menu and take it with them, thus decreasing the chance of someone else handling items who may have not washed their hands recently or used hand sanitizer.

4.) A-Frame Signage

Not sure if directional signs fit your vibe or aesthetic? These signs are another great option for displaying specialty menu items and other pertinent information such as where to place an order, and where to pick up.

Things are changing daily and implementing a new way of doing things can be daunting and overwhelming. Having a printing partner working with you and guiding you thorough it all can make things easier. The account executives at DMS Color can help you figure out what collateral will work best for you, our in-house designers will create collateral to match your branding, and, most importantly, we will ensure your items arrive to you in a quick and timely manner.

Call 25.874.6183 or visit today to see what projects we can start for you.


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