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Using Table Tents to Push Your Products—Table Tent Printing

Do you own a restaurant or a bar? If so, then you already know the importance of table tents – those ultra-visible printed signs that showcase your products and dishes. There is no doubt that when it comes to any restaurant, the point-of-purchase is at the table.

Your customers may come in to order an entrée and can be quickly persuaded to order a dessert or try to new, hot appetizer or beer all based on table tent promotion.

Below are a few key tips to using table tents to push your products.

Restaurant and table tent marketing

Use Captivating Images – Table Tent Printing Best Practices

One of the most important parts of designing effective table tents involves using captivating images. If you are trying to promote desserts or a new beer, make sure you have high-quality images that get your attention at first glance.

In today’s technology-based world, people will sit at a dinner table or at the bar and play on their cell phones or watch television. The best way to get their attention is with captivating photography.

Do Not Be Afraid of Text – Your Audience is Captive

Once you get their attention with images, do not be afraid to use text. Let’s face it, your customer is likely sitting at the table impatiently waiting for their food or beverage. In short, they have time to read. Definitely do not overload your table tents with too much text, but give them some information to read while they wait. Plus, this helps you to sell more by utilizing content marketing.

Advertise Events and Initiatives, Not Just Items

The great thing about table tent printing is that you can use these advertisements not only for food and beverages, but also for key initiatives or events. Do you have a band performing next week? Or do you have a Valentine’s Day promotion? Use table tents to promote anything related to your bar or restaurant.

At the end of the day, table tent printing best practices involves using captivating images and then sealing the deal with promotional text.

Looking for someone to design table tents for table tent printing for your bar or restaurant? Contact DMS today!


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