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What is Variable Data Printing? And why you need an expert

With the low cost and high return nature of email, businesses inundate people with memos of upcoming sales and the latest news. To differentiate themselves, some companies choose to personalize their marketing efforts with the hope of being seen by the customer on a personal level. Here is where variable data printing can help make your life easy. Variable data printing takes a standard design, letter, or template and switches out specific elements on each one—giving you the capability of creating highly customized collateral without saving out 572,984 different PDFs.

When executed correctly, variable data printing can work wonders—some studies even showing an increase in conversions by 10%.

Key: “When executed correctly…”

Most of us have been a recipient of it, and as marketers, maybe it has happened to us.

The variable data fail.

When a potential customer opens an email, there are a few things that are worse than them seeing something like the example below. A mishap such as this leaves the customer with a negative impression of the brand—it tells them they are just another marketing strategy. Fortunately, with emails, they can be retracted so marketing teams can properly link the data and resend.

variable data merge fail email example

But what about printed pieces?

Incorporate variable data into any of the following print services:

· Badges

· Brochures

· Business Cards

· Business Forms

· Customized Notepads

· Direct Mail Campaigns

· Envelopes

· Flyers

· Invitations

· Newsletters

· Posters

· Statement Processing

· Stationery & Letterhead

· Tickets

Of these, some (such as business cards and stationery) might be a little more self-explanatory. For more complex projects, here is a quick overview of how we can help your business customize and automate.

Direct Mail

As you might have seen in one of our earlier blogs, there are numerous marketing statistics that prove direct mail marketing works. And, as fewer and fewer business try to cut out direct mail, it gives greater visibility for the companies in the mailbox.

Since direct mail generally reaches people at their home, having personalized letters and designs can be a great choice. However, with YouTube tutorials and Microsoft Word, one might be inclined to DIY their very own campaign. But should you?

We’re here to help you break down the pros and cons of having a variable data printing service assist you with your next project.


· A wide-selection of paper colors, weights, and textures

· Expert team members will ensure your variable data and merge fields are in working order

· Color accurate digital printers keep your brand standards in check

· On-staff graphic designers can assist with campaign development

· Fulfillment teams fold and insert materials into mailing packets

· In house shipping team works to get clients the best rate (first class, presort, etc.)

· The below won’t happen….

Not a pretty situation, huh?


· Price varies based on the type of paper selected. If an expensive paper is chosen, costs could add up.

· You won’t get to flex your mad Microsoft Word skills.

· You won’t get to carry hundreds of envelopes and stand in line at the post office.

Statement Processing

Are your statement processes effective? With our team’s years of expertise, there are ways we can help you maximize efficiency—whether it’s inputting data into our online print portal, managing the fulfillment of the physical statements, or getting you the best shipping rates. Using the same technology as our direct mail campaigns, we can help build out and automate your statement processing process.


Creating event tickets that stand out doesn’t have to be hard (or break the bank). When we combine our variable printing technology with our state-of-the-art foil and varnish capabilities, our clients quickly see how we earn the name of #MoreThanAPrintShop.

In a project for The SEC Men’s Tournament Champions Club, we were able to variable print our raised foil—giving clients the flexibility of embellishments and personalization without thousands of dollars in dies.

invitation with variable data foil

If you already have your variable data information and an idea of what you want to communicate, our award-winning designers can create templated documents for your next project. Or, if you’re looking to start something from scratch, we can help you garner new interest in your business through list acquisition. Simply call us today to get started.

As your variable data printing service of choice, our production teams and brand specialists work together to give you results.


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