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Why Do I Need Custom Prescription Pad Printing?

Compounding pharmacies provide an invaluable service. They’re an affordable, efficient, and convenient way for customers to get the medicines they need, when they need them.

Due to the complexity of what a compounding pharmacy does on a daily basis, ordinary prescription pads aren’t enough. They need to be customized for that pharmacy so they can get the job done and convey the right information to the patient in the most legible way.

There are plenty of reasons why compounding pharmacies need custom prescription pad printing. Here are a few compelling reasons and why they matter.

Unique, Customizable Content

Your compounding pharmacy is unique. It has different needs than another pharmacy on the other side of town. You do things differently and need different things from your prescription pads.

Custom pads are excellent because they have only the fields you need, not what someone else needs. Using custom prescription pad printing is always preferable to using standard stock pads that may or may not suit your purposes.

Plus, you get total control over what the pad looks like and what fields are on it, meaning it perfectly fits your needs.

Superior Branding

The cornerstone of any successful business is a strong brand. A brand is the perception others have about your business, and everything else that accompanies that – including how your business is visually represented to the world.

Custom prescription pads give you the chance to incorporate your branding on your pads so that your company’s visual brand stands out. This reinforces brand familiarity with your customers, ensuring that they keep coming back to you instead of going somewhere else.

With ordinary pads, this isn’t possible. But with custom pads, it’s a reality.

Better Efficiency

You have specific processes in place to make your work more efficient. A custom pad can reflect these processes by containing the categories you need, broken out by what makes the most sense to you (such as anti-inflammatories, combination pain, etc.).

You’ll actually save more time and money by creating custom pads because they’ll reflect the processes you already have in place. You won’t have to waste time by figuring out what goes where because you’ll get to create exactly what you need.

Plus, you can create checklists that speed up productivity and help you streamline your processes.

A canned, stock prescription pad doesn’t give you these options or that flexibility, which is why you shouldn’t use them.

More Efficient Customer Communication

Finally, you can use custom prescription pad printing to create more efficient customer communication between you and your customers.

At the top of the pad, for example, you can have fields that request all the information you need from a customer, such as their phone number, address, name, etc. You can put anything there, including insurance information, primary care physician info, and so on – whatever is helpful to you.

And since it’s on a prescription pad, customers are more likely to give you their info.

There are plenty of reasons why custom prescription pad printing is right for your pharmacy. Contact DMS if you want to create custom pads for your pharmacy.


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