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When a surface is coated with this formulated solution, millions of “invisible”, nanoscopic crystalline structures begin forming and bonding (with the surface), effectively forming a new surface. Resulting in a “mechanical kill”, that will kill the cells of the bio threat trying to attach to the object.

This newly mechanically modified surface is one that prevents adhesion, disrupts microbial communication and prohibits colonization, reproduction, and proliferation. Microbes that are unfortunate enough to come in contact with this surface protectant modified surface, exhaust themselves, wither and die. Unlike traditional disinfectants, this surface protectant stays in place long after you apply it.

One gallon will cover a 5,000 square foot area with 8-foot ceilings. Can also be sprayed on any cloth or mask to cover your nose and mouth. 

8-Hour Hand Sanitizer

This formulated solution hand sanitizer is an anomaly. Fully capable of tackling the toughest germs, yet always environmentally friendly, free of harsh fumes, gentle on skin and safe for use around people and pets. Never sacrifice safety for product performance again.

This hand sanitizer kills germs on contact and leaves an invisible, “breathable” barrier that stays working and locked in place for up to 8 hours. Experience heightened protection before and after exposure.

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