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DigiFLO® is a powerful web platform that enables an organization to streamline the process in which materials and marketing collateral are distributed to the field.


With DigiFLO®, you no longer have to worry about the execution of collateral orders from representatives within your organization. Your business rules can integrate with the platform to automate your workflow and keep the field informed. New collateral launches are made effortless and ever-changing documents can be updated in real time. The result–your entire company is always on the same page with your brand message and identity.


Our branded storefronts allow your company to integrate its brand strategy into a functional platform—creating  memorable experiences while utilizing DigiFLO® can increase adoption rates by up to 10x.


set ups

We know your brand is one of the most important elements of your business. That's why we offer customers the option to have customized set ups that look and feel exactly how you want them—even down to the font size and button colors.


Location budgets, route all orders for approval over $500.00, funnel all orders through a managerial workflow process; any of these business rules, and more, can be automated with DigiFLO®.

With real time updates, the field is always informed of where their collateral order is.


With automatic notifications when product thresholds are low, you will never run out of that key marketing piece again.

Real time reporting allows for management to always know what collateral is in stock.


Empower the field to setup and produce personalized collateral and submit the order directly into production.

No need to send emails back and forth through cyber space to get a special product setup complete.

Our PDF preview functionality and FPDF integration enable a high level of text editing that is unique to DigiFLO®.


  • Streamline order processing

  • UPS/FedEx Integration

  • Automated Email Notifications

  • Reporting

  • Order Archive

  • Increased Brand Consistency

  • Low Investment & Maintenance Costs

  • SaaS - software as a service


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