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One of the first and most important collateral pieces businessmen and women purchase is their business cards. And, if done correctly, it is one of the easiest ways to make a great first impression.

Imagine this, you're at a conference showing off your new product. With hundreds of vendors in attendance and even more attendees, it can be hard to remember with whom you have spoken. So, you hand out a business card. After about two or three days you have a stack of a hundred business cards and only remember meeting a fraction of them. 

So how do you know who to reach out to first? When your only touchpoint with a potential client is a business card, you create one that stands out from the rest. Here is where we can help.


Using the psychology of design and incorporating the senses is the best way to get people to notice your business card. Here at DMS Color we can create unique business cards using our team's years of experience and the latest in digital print technology. Here are just a few of the options we can create:

  • Variable Data Foil and Varnish Embellishments
    Variable data printing is when an element such as an address, logo, or name is changed from one printed piece to the next—while the bulk of the artwork remains the same. Traditionally, this type of work was unable to incorporate foil and varnish embellishments because of the die needed to set the foil. Now, using our state-of-the-art DigiLAB, we can print foil and varnish embellishments without the use of dies—making it's application to variable data possible.
  • Security Foil Printing
    As one of the only commercial printers in the US to operate a MGI Jet Varnish Printer, our team can create unique pieces that are almost impossible to duplicate. Using a combination patterns within our raised foil and raised varnish designs, our security foil printing technology is perfect for badges, tickets, and so much more.
  • Braille Printing
    Using raised varnished our team can create marketing collateral in braille that not only gives our clients more reads per item, but also requires less paper with front and back printing. ​ In standard braille printing a die pushes dots into the paper. And, as readers glide their hands across the pages, it causes the dots to push back into the paper. This results in difficult to read materials and a constant need of replacements. When customers use our raised varnish technology, the embellishment builds up on top of the paper with no imprints on the reverse. This durable raised varnish technology better stands the test of time than traditional paper and requires about half the amount of paper.

Don't have a design? Our on-staff print design experts are here to help. Familiar with our capabilities, our designers know how to leverage technology to get you the best results.

If you've already created a business card and are looking for production, our brand specialists are here to get you a quote or answer any questions you might have. And don't worry, we can still incorporate our raised foil and varnish embellishments into your template. 

Benefits of Banner Printing with DMS Color 



With our team's years of experience, you can rest assured your business cards will get produced correctly and with great care.




order from anywhere

Execute your orders anytime. As a print technology company, we embrace ordering via email, phone, online (through DigiFLO), carrier pigeon, or however you prefer. 

on-staff graphic designers

With custom business card printing, the sky is the limit. Let our expert print designers help integrate your company's brand identity onto a personalized business card just for you.



Does your order need to be shipped to multiple locations? Our in-house shipping department can help execute your long excel sheet of

"who gets what."


1. Give us a call or shoot us an email and a brand specialist will reach out to help start your project.

2. Provide print-ready PDFs or request an on-staff DMS Color designer to work with you and create your business cards.

3. Once the artwork is approved, we will handle it from here. Just sit back and wait for it to arrive.

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