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DMS Color named #19 of Printing News Top 100 Small Commercial Printers

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

We are proud to have been named #19 on PrintingNews’ Top 100 Small Commercial Printers in all of North America! And, while PrintingNews’ article goes into greater detail regarding the similarities between the top 100 printers, we want to call out the ways DMS Color is different.

1) MGI: Digital Foil and Varnish Embellishments

As one of the few commercial printers globally to own an MGI 3DS printer, this technology allows us to offer clients foil and varnish, as they’ve never seen before.

Traditionally, foil embellishments require hot stamping—leaving indentions on the opposite side of the paper. Or, for added shine, people opted for finishing treatments such as Spot UV that doesn’t have the same 3D-like texture that is possible with raised varnish. Now, with MGI technology, we can bring a different kind of high-end raised foil and varnish embellishments to the B2B market.

Digital Printing- In our early days, circa 2006, DMS stood for Digital Marketing Services. And, although the term “digital marketing” has been revolutionized to mean a mix of website and social media, it was initially intended to call out or digital printing capabilities.

Our in-house specialty is digital printing. And with the addition of our MGI printer, we stayed true to our core. For our clients, this means they get all the benefits of digital printing, with the embellishment capabilities of an offset printer. Unique Benefits:

· Die-less foil printing

· Variable printing with foil

· Low minimum order quantities

· Printed in the USA (no tariffs)

2) DigiFLO

Not only do we have beautiful products, but we’ve got the brains to help your business succeed. Using DigiFLO, our web-based technology solution, we help companies organize their marketing collateral—streamlining the process from which materials are printed and distributed to the field.

How it works:

  1. Meet with one of our account executives to determine if DigiFLO is a good match.

  2. Each DigiFLO customer gets a customized web storefront.

  3. Our team of customer service representatives will upload your marketing materials to your company’s dashboard. Here is where it gets fun;

  4. For standardized items that require bits of personalized information (phone numbers, sales reps names, locations, etc.), edits can be made directly within the DigiFLO platform.

  5. Once submitted for print, we will produce the materials and distribute them to the address of your choice.

It’s as easy as Click. Order. Print.

Other features:

  • PDF Preview

  • Approval Routing

  • Order Archive

  • UPS/ FedEx Integration

  • Inventory Management (which brings us to…)

3) Single-Source Solution—Inventory & Warehouse

Sometimes, it’s not only more cost-effective but also shortens lead times to order materials in bulk. However, due to the space required to store, manage, and pull products, it’s not always an efficient option for businesses. That’s where we can help.

Located in Pelham, AL, our 60,000sq ft building includes a warehouse for customer’s print and promotional items. Inventory is tracked through the DigiFLO portal. When you get to an item that has been ordered in bulk, simply view the units available and add to cart. Next, our fulfillment and shipping team will get notifications and begin putting together your order.

4) Our Team: Experience Meets a Youthful Energy

PrintingNews mentioned in their 2019 Top 100 article, “Three of our respondents have been in business since the early 1900s.” We admire those companies and hope one day to be one of them. But, our story begins in 2006: in a basement, with one machine, one computer, and a will to succeed. Since DMS Color’s inception, our founders have placed a heavy emphasis on technology. From state-of-the-art digital printers to software solutions such as DigiFLO, technology is in everything we do. However, that doesn’t replace the need for experienced print operators. To build teams with this kind of experience, DMS Color employs people with various skills and backgrounds—some with over 30 years in the print industry. This strategy incorporates invaluable industry knowledge into a culture of entrepreneurship.

It might be our Instagram hashtag, but it’s also a cornerstone of our culture. When you look at the points above that set us apart, it all comes down to one thing. We are more. Yes, we digitally print marketing collateral. However, our services also include:

  • Consulting our clients with recommendations and best practices

  • Building solutions

  • Implementing direct mail campaigns

  • Providing access to over 15,000 promotional product options

  • Creating and designing branded materials

  • Operating with a single-source mindset that has DMS at the center

Whatever printed goods our clients need, we can make it happen. Interested in seeing it firsthand? Give us a call at 205-874-6183 or email to start working one-on-one with an account executive.


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