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brochure PRINTING

One of the most multi-purpose collateral pieces in a business's marketing kit is the brochure. And, its effectiveness is built on a multitude of things—the quality of the content, layout, images, ink, and paper (to name a few).


Brochures can be given out at conferences, as leave-behinds for clients, or used to explain the complexities of your business to new hires. Usually designed as a single sheet of paper folded in half or thirds*, brochures can organize information concisely and in a way that is easy for people to understand. And unlike newspapers and magazines, your brand isn't competing for ad space.

If done correctly, brochures can be an integral part of traditional printed marketing, despite the growing popularity of online marketing initiatives. This is because, with things like our state-of-the-art MGI Jet Varnish printer, we can elevate the experience of your brand's brochures. This technology allows us to print raised foil and raised varnish embellishments directly on your print materials—setting you apart from the competition.


It's not uncommon for a well-designed brochure to be kept by a customer for an extended period of time—gaining impressions along the way. So, to make sure you're always putting your best foot forward, opt for high-quality pieces that are as durable as they are they respresntative of your brand. Our brochure printing services can also be combined with a soft touch overlam. This coating protects your brochures and printed materials with a velvet-like texture.


If you already have a design, contact a brand specialist today to get a project started. Or, if you still have to create your brochure, our on-staff print design experts can help you create a piece that captures your brand, resonates with the customer, and includes a call to action that directs people on next steps.


If you don't think your business is right for a "brochure" consider these other ways in which the same printing methods can be applied: as a restaurant menu, passed out as flyers, product guides or newsletters.


So whether you place them at reception desks of office buildings, distribute them at promotional events, or leave them behind with potential clients, remember your marketing collateral is an extension of your brand—a brand which we at DMS Color strive to enhance.


*Don’t be afraid to go outside the box! Brochures can be produced in a variety of ways, other than a traditional trifold brochure. 


  • Bi-fold Brochures

  • Quad-Fold Brochures

  • Roll-Fold Brochures

  • Oversized Brochures (8.5" x 22.5")

  • Die-Cut Brochures

  • Pocket-Sized Brochures

  • Full-Sized Brochures

  • Specialty Brochures (printed with raised foil and varnish)


Benefits of Brochure Printing with DMS Color 



With our team's years of experience, when you print with DMS Color you can expect high-quality products that are produced correctly and with care.



multiple ways to order

Execute your orders anytime. As a print technology company, we embrace ordering via email, phone, online (through DigiFLO), carrier pigeon, or however you prefer. 




Show how unique your business truly is and let us help you create customized brochures that people will keep around.



Does your order need to be shipped to multiple locations? Our in-house shipping department can help execute your long excel sheet of

"who gets what."

Next STEPs

1. Give us a call or shoot us an email and a brand specialist will reach out to help start your project.

2. Provide print-ready PDFs or request an on-staff DMS Color designer to work with you and create your brochure.

3. Once the artwork is approved, we will handle it from here. Just sit back and wait for it to arrive.

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