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direct mail printing & mailing services

In today's high-tech, fast-paced world, one of the most effective forms of reaching an audience is still with what you can hold and touch—direct mail marketing.


In fact, studies have shown that while only 20-30% of email is opened, direct mail triples at 80-90%.


Direct mail marketing gives you a tangible way to reach out to your target audience and deliver a concise message with impact. Whether you're offering a promotion or introducing a new product or service, few channels have the targeted reach of a direct mail campaign.


Every day, we help businesses develop sophisticated campaign concepts & design, produce the printed mailer, and execute the shipment of clients' direct mail marketing—all with a high rate of success.


Our pieces capture attention, communicate a brand message clearly and concisely, and resonate with audiences who are looking for the very same things you are offering.


With rich calls-to-action, dynamic graphic design, and targeted demographics, our direct mail pieces product exactly what you need: results. 


Direct mail marketing can deliver positive results for your bottom line. For bold, branded statements that communicate exactly what you want to say to your target audience (whoever and wherever they may be) contact us today to get started. 


Direct Mail Marketing Stastistics

custom door hangers

Door hangers are a variant of direct mail pieces and can be extremely cost-efficient per unit. They catch people at their homes, include a strong call-to-action, and (for a moment) have the exclusive attention of the customer.


For businesses that have a broad appeal (food, shopping, home maintenance, etc.) or are promoting a special,  hanging ads on doors is a great way to connect your brand with consumers. By placing your ad on a door, you separate your message from the rest of the mailbox and get immediate attention from whoever is using the door.


Once you have made the decision to use custom door hangers, you need to consider the first moment the consumer touches the door hanger—it's a critical one. Here is where the attention of the potential customer must be captured. Failure to do so can lead in immediate dismissal, but if done correctly, is catapulted to the counter top or fridge.


Door hangers can quickly be disposed of. So, to best capture the attention of the audience it's best to keep the design simple, so it can be read quickly. If you need assistance with design, our on-staff designers are here to help. As experts in print design and familiar with our capabilities, they can ensure you are participating in best practices and have an attention-grabbing marketing piece.




In some instances, door hangers can be equipped with  tracking systems. Although this may sound like an expensive option for door hangers, in reality, can be more beneficial in the long run.


By creating and implementing unique codes and website URLs, you can track the progress of your campaign and find the areas your campaign is most effective— allowing you to tailor and optimize future messages. On the flip-side, you can see where your campaign did not perform as well and regroup to assess why. To set these up, simply insert the tracking or redemption code in the coupon.


Even with tracking, it's very important to research your audience and use the knowledge and understanding of the target demographics to determine areas that will yield the best results. At DMS  Color, we can help you get your campaign created and ready for distribution with our printing services.


In 2013, advertisers spent $167 per customer to sell $2,095 worth of goods or products—a 1,300% return-on-investment.


73% of U.S. consumers prefer direct mail for brand messages.

One study found that direct mail has a higher ROI and customer retention rate than many other forms of marketing—including social media.

Benefits of Direct Mail Printing with DMS Color 



With our team's years of experience, you can rest assured your business cards will get produced correctly and with great care.




variable data


Personalize each piece to the target customer to improve your results. Some studies indicate this can increase your return rate by up to 25%.



Execute your orders anytime. As a print technology company, we embrace ordering via email, phone, online (through DigiFLO), carrier pigeon, or however you prefer. 

dedicated staff

Our staff can spend time researching potential candidates based on your customer demographic. By working together, we will establish a target audience that yields the results you're looking for.

on-staff graphic designers

Show how unique your business truly is and let us help you create customized messaging and design that stands out from the rest of the mail pile.



Looking to mail a piece, but don't have a list of people to send to? We're happy to help you purchase a list that will meet your target market needs—anything from age to household income.



Our in-house shipping department can help ensure you are following best practices to get the best prices—locally, regionally, or nationally. 


matched mailings & attachments

Matched mailing is the process of placing unique variable data on your letter and matching it to an envelope that has the same information—ensuring each person is receiving exactly what is intended.

next steps

1. Give us a call or shoot us an email and a brand specialist will reach out to help start your project.

2. Provide print-ready PDFs or request an on-staff DMS Color designer to work with you and create your direct mail campaign.

3. Once the artwork is approved, we will handle it from here. Just sit back and wait for it to arrive.

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