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Are Your Statement Processes Effective?

Many industries use monthly statements to communicate with their clients about services rendered and payments made, owed, or past due. In order for this to be an effective process, the data must be accurate and up to date, and the delivery method must be efficient. So how can you get the most efficient statement processes possible?

By combining digital printing with fully customizable data integration and by working with DMS Color.

How can DMS Color Help with my Statement Processes?

We have developed software and processes that offer outstanding data accuracy – not to mention the guarantee that your customers receive their statements in a timely manner. With the high flexibility of our platform, we can help you develop your process from the start, or we can jump in where someone else left off.

Once the foundational elements have been established, your business can send us raw data or PDFs ready for printing, and we can produce the statements. Then, we can send the statements directly to your customers from our facility.

What are the benefits of statement processing with DMS?

There are many perks of working with DMS for your statement processing. Some of them include:

Process Automation – Stop spending time manually creating statements and sending them out. We can automate the whole process from start to finish!

Lower DSO (Days Outstanding) – When your customer understands their invoice more easily, they can send payment faster.

EDI Integration – When you send us raw data, we can ensure that your customers can view their statements in a variety of ways and on different platforms.

Better Communication – Insert customized messages to individual customers for easier communication and interaction.

Brand Consistency – Your brand is essential, and your statements should reflect it. Keep your branding consistent in your statements.

Ready to Improve Your Statement Processes?

Don’t spend another minute manually creating and mailing a statement that’s poorly designed and doesn’t communicate your brand. Contact DMS today to revolutionize the way you communicate billings with your clients!


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