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Creating a Better Call-to-Action for Your Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing is a fantastic tool for growing your bottom line and increasing your reach to your target audience. Even in today’s digital world, direct mail has its place. 

To make the best of your direct mail campaign, you have to work on one, crucial factor: the call-to-action (CTA). A CTA makes or breaks your campaign, simply put, and is the most important thing on the piece.

Without a high-quality CTA, your recipient has no incentive to keep your piece, let alone act on it. Therefore, making a strong CTA is of paramount importance.

Here’s how.

Focus On Just One Thing

A call-to-action has to be focused on just one thing. What is the number one action you want your customers to take when they receive your piece in the mail?

Sometimes, it’s to give you a call. Other times, it’s to send an email, or go to a website, or fill out an order form right then and there.

Whatever it is, just focus on one and no more.

Be Bold and Clear

Be bold and clear when it comes to what you want your audience to do.

Note that there is a fine line between boldness and aggression. Just make sure there is no ambiguity about your CTA. Speak in simple language and make sure your CTA is prominently displayed. If they can’t see it at a glance, it’s too small or too inconspicuous.

Consider this – your response rate can increase 70% or more by utilizing the Logo of your venue or restaurant that your event is being held at rather than a one line description or name. People recognize brands and pictures/logos are what your eyes always see first.

Be Timely

Finally, be timely – put a deadline of some kind on your offer, whatever it may be.

Sometimes you’ll even have to invent a deadline in order to have one. If that’s the case, that’s fine – people respond to deadlines if they feel they will possibly miss out on something if they don’t act.

Superior CTAs can increase your direct mail marketing campaign effectiveness and turn pieces tossed in the trash into pieces acted on and converted into sales opportunities. Focus on one thing; be bold and clear; and be timely. All of these will help you create better CTAs for your campaign.


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