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Get into the Spirit: Printing Seasonal Cards and Calendars

Fall is in the air, and that means the beginning of the fall and winter holiday season.

This time of the year contains so many terrific opportunities for a business to make an impression not only with its employees, but also with its current – and future – clients, all through the simple yet effective task of sending seasonal cards and calendars.

Not only can custom, branded gifts like these help a company reach out and establish a connection; they can also help reinforce a brand message and build brand recognition in an inauspicious way.

Here’s more on creating the best cards and calendars for the upcoming holidays from a Birmingham printing company, DMS.

Display Your Brand Prominently

Sending a Christmas-themed calendar or a Thanksgiving card is great – the message is what counts – but it’s also a prime opportunity to extend your brand.

This is why you should make sure your material isn’t just a typical, customary card or calendar that could come from anyone. Those have very little brand value. If it looks generic, it’s going to come across as generic, and you’ll lose any brand value that the gift would otherwise contain.

This doesn’t mean you can’t use traditional colors (red and green for Christmas, for example); it just means that you need to have visual elements of your brand – including your logo – prominently displayed. A bonus is if you can make your logo festive to match the holiday.

Create and mail custom holiday cards with DMS Color

Choose High-Quality Paper Stock

One thing that exudes quality is high-quality paper stock. Anything less just comes across as cheap and ultimately unappreciated by your recipient.

Higher weight for holiday cards and other materials is desirable. Thicker stock also prevents cards from being mangled as easily in the mail when you send them out. A typical postcard stock is usually the go-to type of stock for sending out company holiday cards, but going beyond that with the high-end materials we have at our disposal really leaves a strong impression on your recipient.

Think of paper choice like you would for a business card. If you put the same value on quality for your holiday cards as you do your business card, you’ll get the same impressive results.

Picking the Right Finish

When it comes to holiday cards and calendars, the finish matters.

You essentially have three options: matte, glossy, or linen. Each has its own advantages and distinctive look and feel. Most people are probably used to glossy finishes, but matte has come on strong over the past few years. And there’s something special about a linen finish that speaks of sophistication.

For luxurious branded material for the upcoming holiday season, contact DMS, your Birmingham printing company.


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