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Getting an Edge on Medical Statement Processing

If you are a medical practice and issue medical statements on a regular basis to your patients, you understand just how important medical statement processing can be.

If your statements aren’t up to par, you could actually hurt your revenue stream and impact collections. That’s something no practice wants to face.

Unfortunately, most medical statement forms are confusing, misleading, or a chore to understand. This results in more problems with customer service and more problems with collections.

A well-designed medical statement form can be extremely helpful to a practice. Here’s more on how you can gain an edge with medical statement processing from a digital printing specialist.

Medical statement processing available at DMS Color

What a Statement Should Be

Your medical statements need to meet a certain standard in order to be considered good enough for your patients and your practice. All statements should be:

• Patient-friendly

• Easy to understand

• Concise

• ClearAccurate

But, if you want to truly gain an edge, there’s another consideration: statements should be strongly branded, which means they need to showcase your practice’s brand.

This has the added benefit of making your statements visually appealing, which isn’t necessarily the most important factor, but is definitely something to consider.

If your statement follows all of the above, they can reduce costs, improve your days in A/R, and even increase your collection rate.

The Importance of Color

Color is actually quite important. It’s been shown that a patient’s ability to comprehend a message – especially one that might be confusing like a statement – is increased by as much as 80% through the use of color.

Additionally, the patient’s ability to recall the information can be increased by as much as 82% when using color.

And naturally, your brand identification will be much stronger with color.

Taking Advantage of Modern Medical Statement Processing

When processing medical statements, work with a provider who can not only help you send out the actual statements, but also design your statements to be more effective at displaying all the information you need for the patient.

Contact DMS if you want to explore creating a new medical statement that will help your practice with collections and benefit your patients.


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