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How to Improve Statement Processing in the Healthcare Industry

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

As any healthcare professional knows, delivering care often means a lot of paperwork – invoices and statements and payments going in and out that all have to be managed (somehow) and kept up with seamlessly, without fail, week in and week out.

Healthcare organizations can improve the way they deal with this paperwork and make things easier on themselves by taking a few key steps to reforming their process.

Here is how you can use enhanced statement processing technology and methods to cut down on confusion and handle your necessary paperwork in a much more effective manner.

Automation is the Key

One major improvement many organizations can make – that many haven’t – is automating the process.

Automation can take the necessary information needed for each patient or vendor, put it into a statement – with all pertinent data filled out where it should go – and send the statement from a print facility, all without manual intervention. All is needed is to start the process and it is completed on your behalf.

Automation can shave enormous amounts of time from labor costs, which can result in savings for the organization.

Custom Design Can Improve Everything

In addition to being automated, paperwork – especially your statements – needs to be designed to do its job in a more effective manner.

Custom design can take a plain statement and ensure that your recipient sees what they need to see, where they need to see it. Improved statements cut down on confusion, are easier to follow, and help reduce days outstanding (DSO).

Custom design also incorporates your brand identity and messaging with every statement you send out.

Consolidation Is a Powerful Solution

Finally, some healthcare organizations are geographically separated, with offices located all over an area or larger region. Better statement processing means consolidating statements for these geographic locations and giving your operations one central point of interaction to control statements.

You can create a process by which invoices are created automatically, printed, and shipped from one facility to wherever they need to go, instead of having to replicate this process at each location. This cuts down on overlap and labor costs and also improves the time it takes to have your information communicated to your target recipient.

For an example of what we can do, check out the before and after photos from our Sanders statement processing redesign.

Statement processing redesign by DMS Color (before)

DMS Color statement processing redesign- FINAL PRODUCT

Healthcare providers have better ways to deliver statements. Learn more about how statement processing can help healthcare professionals save time and money and make their processes more efficient. Contact us today!


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