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Follow the Three C's of Digital Printing

Digital printing has taken off with the advent of the Internet. Now, you can access a staggering variety of digital printing services that help design and print virtually anything and have it shipped to your office without ever stepping foot in a print shop. 

To us, that’s how it should be. In fact, we’re such big fans of digital printing that we’ve come up with three things you should have in your digital printing to make the process and your messages effective and efficient.

Just follow the three C’s of digital printing and you’ll have collateral that resonates with your audience – as well as a process that is smooth and seamless.


If something you print isn’t clear, it isn’t worth much. That’s something we believe, especially when we do graphic design for a client and help them encapsulate their vision in a piece, be it an invoice, logo, or bit of marketing collateral.

Focus on one key message that you want to deliver. What do you want this to communicate above all else? Then, branch out if you must, but make sure there is only one or two key messages at your core that you want to express with each printing project.


Consistency is huge, for many reasons. Being consistent makes ordering printing easier because you know exactly what you want, but beyond that, it helps your brand stay consistent. Brand consistency is huge for customer acquisition and retention. A person is far more likely to follow a brand if it is consistently represented.

That means having your logo, brand colors, and company images set and kept consistent throughout everything you print and create. Digital printing experts can help with that; you just need to focus on what you want to communicate and then keep that steady throughout the process.


These days, digital printing gives you unprecedented control over the entire process. A great digital printing services provider should offer you a virtual control center where you can control every step of the process, and have each project approved as it comes through so it can be made available for anyone who needs it – without having to go through endless waves of red tape and approval.

Work with someone who can give you that centralized control you need to make distribution easier. Whether a sales person needs a piece of collateral or a pharmacy needs to print more prescription pads, you need to have a process by which you can say, “This piece is good to go” and have it available to anyone who needs it, when they need it.

Follow the three C’s of digital printing and you’ll have a digital printing process that is quick, easy, and painless.

Contact DMS today to learn how we can help with your digital printing needs.


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