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Tips to Boost the Effectiveness of Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

At DMS, we believe in the power of direct mail marketing. There just isn’t a better way to directly reach a mass audience on a one-on-one level, even with the advent of social media.

With direct mail, you can be as targeted as you want to be, and can reach a wide range of individuals and businesses who have an interest in what you’re selling. And when it comes to cost per lead and conversion, direct mail outranks virtually every form of advertising and marketing out there.

To get the most from your direct mail marketing campaign, use proven tips that work, such as:

Sweeten the offer: Your direct mail piece will get read or thrown away based on the strength of the offer. Sweeten the deal – offer a prime discount, a free gift, or something that will catch their eye.

Keep it concise: When writing copy, short and simple can do the trick. You only have so much room. Make every word count.

Use surveys for market research. Want to know what your customers respond to most with direct mail pieces? Send out a survey to ask.

Use graphics to break up copy. If you have long copy, break it up with images throughout the piece.Use a “P.S.” section. It is one of the most-read parts of a direct mail piece, especially a sales letter.

Stick to one font. Using multiple fonts can be distracting.

Use contests to boost engagement. Just be sure to offer something enticing as the prize.

Incorporate bullet points and lists. People like information to be broken up into small, digestible pieces.

Feature testimonials or case studies. Even a simple quote from a satisfied customer will do.

Test your copy. Send two versions, with identical graphics and text except for the copy you want to test. Whichever version gets the best results is the one you should use.

Track your results. Include a URL that you can track traffic for, or a unique phone number or email address.

Include a deadline. People respond to urgency. Give them a deadline, or a time by which they need to act.

Be consistent. Send a series of pieces, one after the other, that all go back to the same central theme or offer.

Include pre-stamped reply envelopes. Make it easy for people to respond to you.

Follow these tips for better results, or consult with us to find out more about how you can boost your direct mail marketing campaign.


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