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Why Workflow Automation Equals Modern-Day Success

In today’s world, automation reigns supreme.

One reason the United States leads the world in automobile production, for example, is thanks to automation. Our tech companies are the most advanced in the world thanks to automation. And countless businesses use automated features to manage their workflow and processes and handle large teams of people.

Your business can also benefit from workflow automation, even if it’s not on the same scale as a massive corporation or a car manufacturer. In fact, there are plenty of processes that can be automated to some extent using modern technology.

Here’s how workflow automation can lead to more success in the workplace for your organization.

Superior Collaboration

Collaboration is key, especially in complicated org structures or geographically-separate locations. But some businesses suffer from a lack of collaboration, leaving them to flounder with silos and isolated teams that don’t interact well with one another.

Automated workflow, like a marketing asset management system, can help foster collaboration by giving you a central platform that allows each team member the chance to interact with the brand. For us, as digital printers, this means collaborating on sales and marketing collateral that can then be printed on demand. For your business, it could have further applications.

More Efficiency

Efficiency is a primary goal for most offices, but inefficiencies still reign supreme.

Automation in the workplace can actually help create more efficiency in processes by streamlining efforts and taking time-consuming steps out of the way. For example, without a marketing asset management system, a business has to come up with a concept to print, ship it to the printer, have it proofed and sent back, approve it, then send it back to the printer and have the printer print it and ship it out – not to mention checking to see if there is enough collateral in inventory to go around and if more needs to be ordered.

With automated workflow software, though, there are several steps in that process that are either truncated or outright eliminated, saving valuable time and boosting efficiency.

Ease of Use and Centralized Control

The Air Force has a phrase: “centralized control, decentralized execution.” It means having a strategy devised and ordered from a central location that keeps everything under it accountable, while allowing people at the ground level to actually execute the mission to the best of their capabilities.

A solid automated workflow system is not only easy to use for all involved; it also supplies that centralized control you need to monitor the entire system.  For our line of work, for example, we often use a marketing asset management system to centralize the review and ordering process for print material, so that a manager can see, at a glance, what is in inventory and what needs to be ordered, who is using what material, and what designs need to be reviewed and approved.

Centralization for accountability and ease of use are two essential benefits for an automated workplace solution.

Contact DMS if you are interested in a marketing asset management system that works to give you accountability, ease of use, efficiency, and better collaboration when it comes to your marketing and sales collateral.


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