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What is a Marketing Asset Management System—and How Can it Benefit Your Business?

When it comes to sales and marketing, the strength of a program is dependent on two things: the people you have, and the assets you use.

The assets in this case are sales and marketing collateral: the branded material you use on a regular basis to inform, educate, engage, and persuade. A sales and marketing program with stellar personnel can still be handicapped by having inferior assets. Likewise, a superb staff with superb collateral can still be hindered if there is no systematic way to track what you have.

Enter marketing asset management systems (MAMS).

People and technology come together to create DigiFLO–an online marketing asset management tool

Marketing Asset Management System: Real-Time Inventory of What You Need

MAMS is a system by which you can order, track, and ship sales and marketing collateral as you need it, and also maintain a record of what you’re using and when you’re using it.

For example, let’s say you have a mission-critical piece of collateral, something that you send out to every potential prospect as an introductory way of explaining the product or service. It’s slick, concise, and persuasive – everything you need in a marketing piece.

The only problem is that you use it so often, you sometimes run out of stock without knowing it.

With a MAMS, you can keep a running inventory of how many pieces you have. You can also track who is using what, to more effectively and efficiently manage your inventory.

In this way, you can order new collateral whenever you need it, to make sure your business has the crucial collateral it needs to spread brand messages and connect with potential clients.

Streamline Your Approval and Design Process

With a marketing asset management system, you can also better control how you manage your assets.

You can upload documents, issue orders to edit or alter them, order new pieces, approve your current projects, and submit orders for production. You can have a central point of contact or authorize your representatives to submit orders – anything that streamlines the approval process.

Our proprietary MAMS, DigiFLO, is a software-as-a-service platform that gives you an easy and convenient way to manage your marketing and sales collateral no matter where you are. Contact us to learn more about how a marketing asset management system can help your organization thrive.

Contact DMS today to learn how we can help automate your business processes.


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