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Print Design Trends for 2021

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Trends are influenced by the time that precedes 2021 trends have had a lot of influence. As we move past what was an unprecedented year in history, we embrace the possibilities that come with the new year. Being aware of the current print trends helps ensure that your company continues to stand out. Here are 5 print styles that you will be seeing this year:


The demand for sustainable print material is nothing new, but with the recent uptick in wildfires and extreme weather, many consumers are looking for products that utilize sustainable materials. This is especially true in the world of packaging. There are many green options when it comes to print and packaging such as the use of recycled materials, packaging that can be repurposed/reused, and hemp paper.

Bright colors

After a year like 2020, everyone is ready for a bit more color in their lives. Bright colors will be used to liven up print collateral and attract the eye of potential consumers. In the past, the bright colors we see on our computer monitors didn't always live up to expectations once printed, however, thanks to advancements in digital printing bright colors are more impactful in person than they ever have been.


Tactile effects have become popular in both print and packaging design. Adding texture allows for the consumer to involve multiple senses - sight and touch - when experiencing your marketing collateral. This creates a connection with your packaging/print and ultimately your product. You can create this experience by the material you print on and/or the use of finishes. This year you may find yourself asking, "How do I want this print to feel?" instead of just, "How do I want this to look?"

Gold and Metallic Foils

Gold and other metallic effects give a printed piece a luxurious and expensive feel. After such a tumultuous year many people want the feeling of treating themselves. Thanks to digital technologies, metallic foil can be added without the need for costly dies so gold and other metallics are more affordable than ever to add to business cards, packaging, and more. This also allows for the process of adding foil to be used in tandem with variable data.

Personalization and Customization

Consumers want unique experiences and products that are tailored specifically to them. While using variable data is nothing new, using it in new ways will show your customers that they are special. You can tailor your variable data based on the customer experience and print unique images and messages even when using foil (see the section above). By tailoring your print to the customer experience you are more likely to see increased sales and ROI.

2020 was a crazy year and no one really knows exactly what 2021 has in store, but by taking advantage of emerging trends and working with the latest in print technology, you can help guarantee your company's success. What is the trend that you are most excited about? Share your thoughts on our social media channels.

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