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Sustainability and Packaging

Updated: May 6, 2021

The desire for sustainable products has been consistently increasing over the past decade. Health and safety, as well as environmental concerns, are among the top reasons that have contributed to this growth. Research shows that people are willing to pay more for products from companies that make sustainability a priority. This means that shoppers are paying attention to not just the sustainability of the product itself but also its packaging.

Every year almost 80 tons of packaging is thrown away and ends up in a landfill. One way to combat this staggering number is to incorporate sustainable materials in your packaging. What does that mean? Sustainable materials are ones that are able to biodegrade, be recycled/reused, or are made from recycled materials. In this post, we will talk about 3 eco-friendly materials that are sustainable, eye-catching, and durable enough to protect your product.

Straw Paper

Straw is the by-product of harvesting wheat. Due to the sheer amount of straw that can be left behind farmers, traditionally, would either plow it into the ground (which can cause soil erosion) or burn it (which releases unpleasant smoke and can be dangerous). Researchers have recently been able to perfect the process of collecting staw and turning it into pulp for paper. This process uses less water and energy than required to make traditional paper and it is utilizing something that would otherwise be discarded. Straw paper in its natural state has a slight yellow hue and can be used in a variety of products including molded products, label backing, and packaging.

Recycled Cotton

Using cotton to make paper is a centuries-old practice that is still very much used today. And as a result of the increase in textile waste, recycled cotton has become more readily available and is a great way to incorporate sustainability. Made from t-shirts and denim, the resulting paper is strong yet also has a soft feel to it. It creates a sense of luxury and gives your packaging a unique look.

Hemp Paper

Hemp is another material that has a long history of being used as paper. In fact, the first two drafts of the Declaration of Independence are believed to have been written on hemp paper. This multipurpose plant can be used to make a multitude of different items including clothing, rope, skateboards, and so much more. Its strong fibers make hemp an especially great material for packaging.

We only get one world and consumers are demanding that brands supply, not only sustainable products but responsible packaging as well. There are many options that people can choose from and having a knowledgeable print partner allows you to get all of the facts and make the right decision for you. If you are in the market for a brand partner, or looking to add eco-friendly materials to your business, visit to see all of the services we offer, and give us a call at 205.874.6183 to speak with one of our account executives.


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