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Multiple Locations? Brand Consistency is Key to Success

When business is booming to the point that you have to add multiple locations, it’s obvious that you are doing something right. The question is, how do you continue that success and ensure proper branding now that your business is spread out geographically?

The reason your business grew in the first place is because people liked what you were doing. You have to continue that trend at each of your locations, with a powerful brand that delivers your key messages effectively.

At DMS, we believe that the key to success with multiple locations is ensuring you have a strong, consistent brand.

Like darts, in branding, consistency is key

What is Brand Consistency?

Brand consistency is the unified image, message, and quality of your business, as perceived by the public. It is the recognition factor that sets you apart from your competition. Your brand includes your logo, your company color palette, your slogan, your marketing materials, your messaging, and the quality of the product or service you are offering.

Why Have Brand Consistency?

The goal of brand consistency is not to inhibit your new locations. Rather, it is to give your customers the confidence that they will have the same great experience no matter which location they choose to patronize. They have come to trust your company. When they see the same logo and messaging, the familiarity will help them build a trust with your new location as well.

How to Maintain Brand Consistency

If you want to maintain brand consistency, be sure that your social media platforms reflect your brand correctly. If you have a very strong brand, but you muddy the waters on social media by posting messages or graphics inconsistent with that brand image, you dilute your brand consistency.

Another source of branding to watch is your marketing materials. If you build a strong brand at your original location, but then your new location uses different marketing materials, such as brochures or business cards, this can really hurt your branding efforts. From the wording to the ink color, everything should be consistent.

DMS Color's Web-to-Print Platform Can Help!

If you have multiple locations and would like help maintaining your brand consistency, DMS has the perfect solution for you. By using our DigiFLO Marketing Asset Management System, you can store all of your marketing collateral in one location. Plus, everything is printed and shipped out from the same printer.

The result? No font or ink variations. No confusion. Consistent marketing material every single time.

When you choose DigiFLO, you get a full-service web-to-print platform from an Inc. 5000 company that you can depend on to give you high-quality, consistent results!

For more information about how we help strengthen your brand, contact DMS today.


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